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Springfield, MA, us
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I was born in 1982. I attended public school. At the start of middle school I discovered the Power Rangers TV Show. It evenetually became one of my favorite TV shows as I got hooked to it more and more. I remained a fan as I got older, despite critism for it being a kids show. But I did yearn to be able to talk about the show with people my own age, who liked it as much as me. Through my high school computers I began to discover the internet PR Fandom. The first sites I visited were POwer Rangers Central, Power Rangers Online Alliance, and Power Rangers Online. I may or may not have visited the Morphing Grid. When I got my own Computer in 2000 I began to really get invovled in the fandom. I disovered the PRC and PRO Message Boards. I learned that there were other fans my own age. I sent most of my time at the above boards ( and their mother sites). I also visited the morphing grid a few times but not much. Over the years I also visited Funaroverse frequently, dabbled in the writers guide, and visited Naks Power Rangers more recently. A year ago, I discovered that the long dead PRO Website'ss message board was still up. However, it was largely dormant. I decided it would be a fun challenge to try to repopulate the board again. I was able to become adminstrator and create a modest website to promote the board. This website became the Power Rangers Onlien Database. It soon grew to have a lot of information. A few months ago the orginal PRO webmaster emerged and gave me ownership fo his ezboard. He also gave me a new layout and I merged my site with PRO ( all the content was basically from my site or new content I had made). My campiagn has been a success so far as I have gotten a small but loyal membership on the old PRO Board.I continue to build my site up even today. PS. Don't worry I have a life, lol. I figured since this screen name was mainly used for Power Rangers stuff I would focus on my time in the fandom more in this bio.

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dishwaser, aspiring writer

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I am a big Power Rangers Fan. I also love Star Wars, Star Trek, Anime, proffesional wrestling, and other sports. In terms of a hobby, I spend a lot of time working on my Power Rangers Website these days. When I am not doing that I watch tv and sports.

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